Friday, November 30, 2007

camp out, HT style

My children are both in Stuart's bed. They are, in their words, "camping out".

When Stuart broached the subject about an hour ago, I said I would think about it. Marc looked at me as if I had gone insane. But as he is leaving for hockey as I type he let me call it.

I eventually agreed to said "sleep over" or what is now being called "camping out". Stu is making his plans for breakfast in bed tomorrow. For us, not him.

Breakfast in bed is a new amusement for my children. Last week Stu brought us an apple and a piece of Halloween candy each in bed. On Wednesday Julia appeared upstairs with a plate that had 4 muffin tops on it - one for each of us. (please don't ask where the muffin bottoms were - I burned them soooooo badly. My oven and I have yet to bond).

So they are up there and I am way down here in the (quiet) basement. I know I will have to go up and separate them in a few minutes. Julia did not make it through night two (last night) dry, and is wiped out. Stu was up at 4 and though he will deny it, not much better.

But it felt really nice to say yes. I know it's a yes that will eventually turn into a "not tonight dears", but it wasn't a NO. I am so tired of saying no. Who knew how often a mother says it in the course of any given day. Some times it's fun to be the cool mum who says yes.

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