Thursday, July 31, 2008

And then I hit her

So I haven't found to post lately - I've had a few doozies in my head, one of which I will still have to post because 10 days later an article in the Citizen is really really REALLY irking me.

But this morning I did something I have never done before. I rear-ended someone.

It was at a nasty intersection, and some WALNUT (Stuart overheard me saying something far less - um - polite when I got cut off once and thought I said Walnut so we're gonna stick with that one) ran a yellow that was so far gone it had to be red. So the woman in the minivan ahead of me slammed on her brakes and BOOM - I hit her.

And you know what? She was SO NICE about it. SO SO SO NICE. There was nothing more than a tiny scratch on her bumper and she was like "Whatever, no biggie." Then I worried because of course as I was getting out of the car I noticed little people heads in the back (way back, like last row back) and I thought "Oh CRAP, I've hit a car with kids in it. Those poor kids!"

Anyhow, in the end she went and opened her door so I could see with my own eyes that the kids were fine, and I apologized to them. Apparently last year they had an accident with a transport and wrote their car off, so she figured this wouldn't scar them at all.

By the time we were getting back into our cars she was asking if I was okay (my hands were shaking when I gave her my number, just in case).

What a totally cool person. She could have been all "You hit my car you moron" but she was nice.

Imagine if EVERYONE tried to be nice? All the time?

(oh and for those of you who are familiar with my driving "skills" I really have never hit anyone before and NO I WAS NOT SPEEDING. For once.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

And the air goes out of the balloon like this... ppffffttttt... blah

Home again, home again...

The problem with nice weekends at the house of good friends is that you have to come back. Bleah.

We had an awesome weekend... we visited the Toronto Zoo, swam in the pool, hung out. The kids got along famously. The food was good. The weather was pretty decent. It was - dare I say it? - relaxing.

(BTW Cathie... we only had to go as far as Markham. Phew. I was still breathing and not in the fetal position rocking and moaning about how I am so thankful not to live in T.O.)

And now we are home. To tiles picked at the Whitby Home Depot that aren't what we want for the backsplash and they want to start it SOON. And Karate camp was a bit of a bust this morning. Julia wailed when I left. She NEVER wails. She was terrified.

So of course I cried in the car and was in a state visiting tile store trying to pick tiles that I have to commit to - for like eternity. Oh yes, ETERNITY. I take these things very seriously. And I am not convinced that I can make that kind of commitment to ... um tiles.

(Momentary pause while I try to get a grip).

Oh and. Yes. In a furniture store yesterday the salesman told me that I have a lovely family "and one on the way?"

Um, no... just a bad dress (that I will burn as soon as I can find where I've hid the matches). I knew I had gained weight, but to mistaken for pregnant? Ugh.

Monday. Gotta love it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

keys keys keys keys

We got the KEYS!! The KEYS!! To the new house!

We got them yesterday afternoon and spent the evening over there, having pizza with our neighbours (from this house).

Have I mentioned that I really like the house? Really really like it? It almost feels strange that it's ours. And that we're going to go and live there and potentially live in less cramped quarters (potentially since we always seem to find more stuff... it's like lint)

I've posted some pics on facebook for Cathie (and others of course, but I was trying to do right by Cathie). But I will have to tell you more later because we're supposed to be leaving for Toronto in an hour and I am not at all packed.

That and the fact that the kids are sitting next to me staring at me with huge puppy dog eyes because they want me attention.

Monday, July 07, 2008

further proof I must have been dropped on my head

Want to know what I did today? Really?

I held a birthday bash for a Webkinz red-eyed tree frog.


It involved having two little boys and the little girl next door over, running around filling water pistols (what are those things called? Brain melting...) 2 cakes shaped like the RETF's face (one for the afternoon, one for dinner), peanut butter cookies that were supposed to look like dragon flies (since when does Pillsbury not make sugar cookie dough? they were a hit and miss, mostly miss), a BBQ with our neighbours... and presents. One from the Stu and one from my amazing neighbour who took the time - despite having her interlock done today to pick out a gift and stuff (plastic) insects in a jar.

I am wiped out.

I hear you wondering why I did this. Because of a little boy who got his first Webkinz last October from his Godparents who are so in the know as to what is cool at school these days. That little Webkinz red-eyed tree frog helped him make friends when we moved here and he knew no one. He was in on things because he had that frog.

So back in January when I tacked up my HAPPY BUNNY calendar for 2008 I wasn't about to protest the inclusion of the frog's birthday for July 7th (for July Happy Bunny says, with a big smile, "Please Stop Existing. Thanks"). I think I made vaguely affirmative noises when barraged with party planning (come on, it was 6 months away. He's 6. He's not supposed to hang on to things that long).

Let's hope he remembers today. I certainly will.