Saturday, January 06, 2007


That beautiful daughter of mine... at the oh so charming age of two years 8 months just said the sweetest thing to me...

"you go a-WAY! Me no need you!"

As I tried to coax her off the cold floor tiles by the back door where she decided to take a nap.

When I didn't give up (seeing as she already has a nasty cough)

"Me NO need you! Me NO like you! Me no like you! ME - NO - LIKE - YOU!"

I thought this was only supposed to start in adolescense?

Ouch. Sniff...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Garcon manque?

The French translation of tom boy is "garcon manque" (sorry on the lack of proper accents, still don't know how to do them on the Mac).

I am starting to wonder about Stuart's influence on his sister... this morning she took off her pj's and undesrhirt, stretched out on the couch in the TV room and told me to go away - she was being Batgirl. It was 45 minutes before I was allowed to get her dressed and even then it was only because I got out a new shirt and told her it was a Batgirl shirt. She's told me about 6 times since then that she is wearing her Batgirl costume (it's got pink flowers, so it must be Batgirl's alter-ego outfit)

I think at this age I was expecting more Princess stuff... and I have to admit that she is thrilled with the fairy costume that my mum gave her for Christmas... oh wait. Duh. Just made the connection - my mum gave Stuart a BATMAN costume for Christmas that he wore for a week.

Well I think I'll still show Marc the ebay page with Batgirl action figures for sale... she was quite disgruntled this morning that Stuart's growing collection of Super Heroes didn't have a Batgirl...