Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Have we been invaded by aliens?

Nope, just the World Cup.

Europeans take this VERY seriously. And I thought Canadians were fanatical about the Stanley Cup.

I must plead ignorance on how many games there are or who is playing who or who might possibly win. There's just... well SO many games. 2 an evening and that doesn't count the day games. People with flags flying from their homes, cars, desks... one of my colleagues has institued a "No Football Zone" around her desk.

Stuart even came home with a Futtsballenspiller that he made out of clay (football player in Burgish)

We even have TVs set up at work. With chips. And soft drinks. In the middle of the afternoon? All that complaining that we've become so American (translation : we've lost all our perks and have to work harder) since JPMorgan took us over... a quiet revolution by our usually over zealous building facilities team? I wonder if they know about this in New York.

I remember that at the end of first grade the Montreal Expos were playing... okay this is embarassing. I was going to say World Series, but Marc isn't sure that's possible. Anyhow, point is, we were allowed to listen to the game on the radio in class. In French of course, but it obviously made an impression.

Tonight's game is England vs Sweden. Seeing that we have British satellite, we aren't hearing much about Sweden or seeing much of the Swedish players (who are better looking by far).

I asked Marc at the beginning of the game if the would be any fighting (can take the girl out of Canada, but she still likes hockey fights). Nope. They get thrown off for more than one game. Hmmm.

So. Let's summarise:

- I am watching football, where you can't even see the cute players (unless you have a much longer attention span than I do) because they all look like little ants running around (NO, we are NOT getting a large screen TV)

- I am listening to British commentary. Need I say more? I am surprised they even realize that there is another team playing, except that there are people in different coloured shirts singing a different anthem.

- There's no fighting (I know, I keep coming back to that)

Why is this such a European obssession? Ah... Sweden scored!!! Yup, their players are much better looking!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 11th is Mother's Day in Luxembourg and this is a good opportunity to tell Tracy that her kids and I think that she is great. There are lots of qualities that make she so special in our lives. The warm smile, that incredible hug and her wonderful heeling ability. In short, she is great and we love her so much.

Nothing beats homemade gifts from your kids - especially on Mother's Day. There are a couple of handmade gifts from Stu and Jools and some very nice water colours that the kids have produced this afternoon. I produced one as well but I do beleive that my children are more artistic then me.

Love you baby, Marc