Wednesday, November 14, 2007


No, I am not in control, I just have that ridculous Janet Jackson song stuck in my head.

Probably because I was so NOT in control today and got our forgotten roast beef in the over AFTER I went to get Stu at school (Julia stayed home with a sore tummy and Marc came home early) and then went to mail Myles and Cathie's parcel (a miracle! It's wrapped!) at Staples (where we couldn't mail it) and then to Loblaws to buy Stu's Christmas gift for Julia (Island Princess Barbie) and then to Shoppers Drugmart where we were able to mail the parcel.

But Cath - weird thing. Apparently because it was going to a STN Forces address it was FREE. Except that she told me it was $9.85 and then was confused (as was I) because it came up as 85 cents...? I'll send you the tracking number too...

SO - my roast is really late. It's a really easy recipe but it involves turning the oven off for 2 1/2 hours. Which is great most days, but tonight we are going to be eating late.

Marc made us cheese and crackers and wine. I still have no alcohol tolerance - as you can probably tell by the rambling of this post (just when you thought I couldn't ramble any more than I usually do...). Seriously, 1 glass folks. That's all it takes. I figure it justifies my fondness for French Champagne - I don't need much.

My girlfriend called just before the wine. She wants to take my kids for a night. Overnight. (We've been friends for 30 years and yes, she is crazy). She's been mentioning it for a while now (since we got home). She called with a date for said sleep-over.

I have failed to broach the subject with Marc - which I did behind my hand as we were having cheese and crackers. He replied with head nodding. I asked if that meant he was cool with it or if he wanted to talk about it later type of thing. He was cool, way cool with it.

So we broached the topic with the kids. Julia wanted to know which of Kerry's kids had taken her to the park and picked her up - and wanted to know if he would be taking her to lots of parks at his house. She wanted to pack her bag now.

Stu on the other hand - no way, no how. He's not going. Uh-uh. No, non, niet, nee... no way sirree bob.

Marc thinks it's a control issue. And that's where the song came from. I don't like Janet Jackson.

Hey! I need to make stuff to go with the roast beef. Better get on that...

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Cathie said...

Lucky you getting the free postage (well, sort of)! I think this is one of the reasons we're losing our CFPO address. The only free mail is supposedly going to the troopies in Afghanistan, a gift from Canada Post. But most people working at the post offices don't know that there is more than one CFPO and that the Canadian Forces actually have more people living overseas than just the troops. Hence the confusion. Hence our losing our CFPO privileges. And not just us! Apparently all Canadian NATO personnel, even those in HQ, have lost the right. Lots of unhappy Canucks over here. BTW, we have a new Facebook group, Canadians in Luxembourg. Heather started it. I don't know how she manages to do all these things with a little newborn. He must sleep a lot.