Thursday, November 22, 2007

The honeymoon is over

Okay, enough already with the snow.

It was snowing when I got up. 8 hours later - still snowing.

Cleaning off the cars was not as much fun this morning - it had rained for quite a while last night and there was ice under the snow. And did I mention it was snowing?

I cleaned both cars off at 7:30. And mine again at 8:10 to take Stu to school. I shoveled the driveway between 8:45 and 9:05. We came out to go to the library for reading group at 10:10. You'd never have known that I shoveled. And as for the car? Yup, it needed cleaning again. And it was still snowing.

Leaving the library at 11:05 we needed to clean the car again. I am talking about start the car, defrost, clean the ice off... ugh. In the snow.

Dashing into the shool to get Stu for lunch... had to do a mini clean off of the car again.

Do you sense a trend here??? I am not so fond of the weather today. The roads weren't cleared yet - getting back from school, the whole 1.4 km, was not fun. I decided to keep Julia home from school because I didn't fancy the drive to and from her school on uncleared roads.

It seems to be letting up now. Fingers crossed. But it's freezing rain in Montreal - so Julia and I won't be venturing out to my mum's tomorrow.

Ugh - it's not even December. Think I got soft in my years in Europe. Help!

If I could send some Portland way I'd gladly bundle it up...

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