Saturday, November 10, 2007

in praise of sleep and Lego

I fell asleep in Stuart's bed putting him to sleep last night. It must have been about 8:30.

I crawled out of bed (I had relocated at about 9:30 last night) at a few minutes to 8 this morning.

A pretty awesome night's sleep if you disregard Julia being up from 1:50 to 3:40 this morning. And Stu getting into our bed at 6:20 (we kicked him out after a while - I still have no clue what he did).

And today - while I am still tired - I look like a human being. There is actually some colour in my face - a welcome change from the deathly palour of the rest of this week.

My mum had lunch with an old friend of my dad's last week - she gave her a huge box of Lego that was mine when I was a child. There were some additions from her granddaughter - Julia is thrilled with the pink pieces. The kids have been playing with it ever since my mum showed them the box on Tuesday. This morning Stu and I spent an hour before Julia got up building a mummy and daddy dragon to go with his baby one. And a little house. It was refreshing not to want to sprawl out on the floor and close one eye while doing this.

After breakfast we hit the Lego again. Stu wandered up to find Marc after a bit (Marc the wonderful who took my car to have snow tires installed at 8:30 this morning). They cleaned the cars and played road hockey. Julia and I built more Lego.

I have long complained that Lego just isn't the same as it was when I was a kid. That you get specific sets now and that's really all you can build with it. This big box full of tiny pieces (and windows, doors, and some wheels) is so much fun because you can build whatever you want with it. Endless possibilities.

I am so happy to have it. And I am going to try enforcing an 8 pm bedtime on myself for a week. I am so much nicer when I am rested.

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