Friday, November 02, 2007

Day trip

We got up this morning and the sun was shining - which made up for the temperature being just below freezing.

In the car and on the road - we headed to Kingston for the day. Fort Henry was open from 10 TO 4 on their sign (not 10 and 4 for tours as their site indicated). But it was almost lunchtime so we headed into town.

I haven't been to Kingston since Stuart was 21 months old... 4 years, is that all? I had forgotten how pretty it is. We had lunch, hit Cooke's Fine Foods where I bought all kinds of European-ey stuff (packaging with Dutch on it!!) and had to interupt shopping to find the bathrooms in the huge city hall building.

From there we wandered down to the St-Lawrence river where there are still some of the fortifications from the mid 19th century - back when we weren't getting along so well with our neighbours to the south. The Shoal Tower is now a World Heritage Site.

We got to our favorite art store, Cornerstone, but looking was not as much fun as we'd remembered - possibly the presence of two small people who thought their eyes were in their fingers???

The day disintegrated a bit from there - or at least my patience did. We still managed to find a nice cafe (avoiding the huge Starbukcs filled with students from Queen's in their really ugly university jackets - what's up with those??). Had a heavenly cake called Milky Way that was topped with caramel.

On the way home we got off in Gananoque and drove up to the inn where we had our wedding and the church we were married in (good call on getting married in the 1,000 islands, somewhere nice to go for anniversaries). We took the 1,000 Island Parkway back as far as Brockville and admired the gorgeous scenery... and speculated on what we would do if we won the 30 million 6/49 draw tomorrow night.

I'll give you a hint - it involves an island.

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