Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maybe in the driveway?

Since we moved home I have gained weight at an alarming rate. I've been pretty much one weight since I met my husband - with the exception of two pregnancies and that weird period after I stopped nursing Stu and gained a ton of weight.

About a month or so ago I got on the scale and realized that I was a pound under the weight I was the day I gave birth to Stu. I took a deep breath. And thought that I had a kilo and a half to go before I hit the weight I was when I gave birth to Julia.

Tonight, spurred on by my mother's comment last week that I had lost weight (which I probably gained back late last week eating my way through a cold), I got out the scale while the kids were in the tub.

And gasped.

I had gained 1/2 a kilo. A pound. I was getting close to breaking my all time high.

A few hours later I was lying here in bed, trying to go to sleep. The gerbil in my brain - the one that runs around keeping me awake at night - brought up the very good point (or so I thought) that the scale has always been a bit funny and that maybe I should try weighing myself somewhere else.

So I tried my bedroom floor. Lost 1.2 kilos - instantly. Hmm. Maybe it was all clothes?

Tried the bathroom again. I'd gained 1/2 a kilo in 2 hours...?

On to the carpet in the hallway. Nope, there was an extra 1/2 kilo there too! I was up to a whole kilo over my previous reading.

Then the gerbil said "Well, it was on ceramic tile in Luxembourg - go try the ceramic tile!"

Now, the only place in our house with ceramic tile is by the front door. That has a window next to it. So there I was, standing in my teeny tiny pj's, trying not to touch the freezing cold tile and hoping none of the neighbours were out walking their dogs to witness my antics.

Oh wait! I bet they can't see over our 8 foot snow banks!

The ceramic tile brought me back to 1/2 a kilo over my first weigh-in. Sigh. I turned the scale 90 degrees - no change.

So I tried the kitchen. Nope, same reading. Turned it around - same thing.

What about the hallway? YEAH! I just got down 1.3 kilos from my first reading of the night!

So - if you ever come to my house and find the scale in the hallway by the kitchen... hop on, it seems to be the optimum places to weigh yourself.

And if you see the gerbil that runs around in my head, shoot the little monster.

(Can you tell I am tired? My insomnia is really bad the last few days.)


Kimberly said...

I don't know whether to express sympathy or giggle like mad over this post! I've done the weighing myself in different places, at different times...etc...glad I'm not the only nut-case. =P

lapoflux said...

It was intended for giggling at... I had a moment where I felt pretty silly in the front hallway ;-)

katydidnot said...

hehe. we women.

Lisa Milton said...

That's why my scale is on hiatus while I am working to lose weight, which SOUNDS crazy except that I torture myself all day long with:

why why why does it take so long to lose weight

and why why why do I weigh less the day after I ate junk...

love/hate baby.