Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring has sprung

Saturday Marc went out to pick up a new barbecue. It's very handsome (far too masculine to be pretty) and I am suitably intimidated by it.

He is out there now, grilling up some steak for us, burgers for the kids A whole other post would be "How the barbecue got my kids to eat!!" because last night for dinner? Stuart had two hamburgers, Julia a whole one. Thick ones to boot. Seriously. I sense a lot of grilling in our lives.

The barbecue is still in the garage as the backyard is still under about 4 feet of snow. But he's out there in the driveway, kids playing on the snow banks.

Ah there's nothing like the smell of sweet spring... barbecues...

1 comment:

Lisa Milton said...

Sounds heavenly - yum.

(We went to a birthday party for a good friend before our trip and Greg BBQed in the rain. The corn? So good, like summer. Sweet and delicious. Zack had 2.)