Friday, January 11, 2008

slow going

So - I am extremely proud of myself for managing to get a picture up on here. It's only taken - oh too long. But for some one as technologically challenged as I am, with the attention span of a flea and windows of opportunity that are very short - well it's quite a feat.

Tonight I've managed to add some links to blogs I read - only to realize that I've been so busy I hardly read any. And that someone who moved to Africa needs to find time to post... hint hint...

But what I can't figure out how to do is link things in my text... as in when I wrote the other day "you have to read finslippy" and have it so the finslippy is a link.

I'll figure it out at some point.


(the finslippy link is on the side now though in case you had no clue what I was talking about... and as of now it's still the same post).

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Oh my, can I just say that I am loving your blog? However, if you need any technical assistance just give me a poke. I love playing with page templates and bits of code know, nerdy stuff like that.

Yes, apparently I've been afflicted with far too much spare time. Email any time you have a question, 'kay?