Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An open letter to my Husband

Dear Better Half,

This letter serves to inform you of changes to the terms and conditions (hereafter T & C) by which we will spend the rest of our lives together (a.k.a. happily ever after).

As of today, 15 January 2008, please be advised that any "Boy Time" you spend with our son should not include, but not be limited to, the viewing of such cinematic "productions" such as Star Wars.

This condition can be waived provided that you cease your current employment immediately and become a Stay at Home Dad (SAHD) and deal with lightsabre fighting, constant battling, "getting" people etc that is a result of watching said "productions".

He seems to think he is Chewbacca (which is the only explanation I can find for him "attacking" children much smaller than he is) and that your daughter and all her nursery school friends are the Emperor's minions. He has "blasted" the car and is in danger of redecorating most of our home in a serious minimalist trend.

Failure to comply with this new T & C will result in a month long Barney-fest for both you and the boy. Repeat offences could result in Julia and I spending a month in the South of France and/or Italy.

Much love,
your wife

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