Monday, September 10, 2007


We are here.

In our house (which is WAY smaller than we remembered). And we got internet this morning.

To be honest, things have not gone well since we arrived (reno problems, dishwasher leaks, gas leaks ... so much to talk about!)

We are suffering major reverse culture shock, and I am surprised Marc has not hidden my passport to ensure I don't grab the next flight to Europe.

We are not having fun at the moment. Can anyone please provide date/time when things will be better? I'm willing to take an approximation at the moment.

So I am posting just to post. Oh - and to say that I was shocked this morning. I went to get gas on the way back from the school run (no bus for Stu. NO WAY, NO HOW is his motto) and I stopped into Tim Horton's for a couple of coffees (for those of you not familiar with Tim Horton's Donuts, apparently you can't live in Ottawa if you don't carry around a brown Timmy's cup of coffee - Starbucks has nothing on this place!)

ANYHOW - what really bugged me (as so many things do at the moment) was the HUGE long line up for the drive through - not because I wanted to use it, because there were only two cars parked in the parking lot and I used my able legs to walk in, order my coffee and walk out in about 42 seconds. I just can't get over how negligent some people are - sitting in their cars for up to 10 minutes (I am guessing here, but humour me, it's just a safe thing to do these days) with the cars running (HELLO? Global warming folks??) instead of getting out and walking in on a beautiful sunny, warm morning.

Okay I am going to to go and take my grumpy butt to bed now. I promise to try and write more intresting, less self-pitying posts in the near-ish future!


Cathie said...

Oh dear. Someone has forgotten how things really are in Luxembourg. Reverse culture shock is very common. Happens to everyone. You're just questioning if you did the right thing or not. People either go one way and are overly idealistic about their new place or, like you, overly bummed. You'll get over it. And as for cars at Timmies we have a similar global warming problem. The overworked letter carriers of P&T now drive from mailbox to mailbox instead of walk, because you know how far apart houses are here. So they drive up one side of the street, dodging parked cars, and then down the other side, head on into traffic. No place is perfect. There are morons on both sides of the Atlantic :0)

Hugs to Stu and Jools and let Stu know that Uncle Myles will be back in Lux on Thursday. Hope I can find my way around the construction at the airport when I go to pick him up. Ciao-ciao!

Lisa Milton said...

So good to see you post, whatever continent. Hope your day gets better...