Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The post I should have written yesterday

So - if you read the post I wrote yesterday, the one where I was having a whine, please try and forget it because it was just me being neurotic about this whole move thing and I am going to remove it as soon as I finish typing this one.

We had a a GREAT weekend. GREAT! There haven't been a whole lot of times in the last few months when I have been able to write that, but it was a great weekend (do you think maybe it was great? Can I use the word Great again?)

Saturday morning Marc had some buddies come by and they took away a LOT of stuff to the recycling centre - look!! I have an attic again!! WOW! And a Basement! And the best thing is - they took it all for us - Marc helped load, but there was no "Oh but this is from...". It's just GONE and someone else is benefitting from it. We owe them a HUGE thanks, which I think was paid mostly in beer (go figure, first hot, non-rainy day in 6 weeks). But still THANK YOU!

Then, as this was wrapping up and we were odering pizza my friend Catherine and her husband and kids showed up from Germany to stay overnight. We had a great afternoon walking through town, FINALLY got me into the casemates (let's not discuss the wrong turns where there were no lights... near closing time...) and came home to barbecue. (But not until after I snagged a pink Longchamp leather belt in the last day of the sales 2 minutes before the store closed - but that's my personal great ;-p)

One of the best things was how Stu took to her boys who are 11 and 9. They got on like a house on fire and were so good at playing with him (let's face it, Mum sucks at playing Attacticks). They are such lovely polite boys that Julia was going around saying "They are such nice boys Mummy!"

Of course that was when she wasn't pouting and saying "They only do boy things!" - someone felt a little left out, though I think it was made up to her when Cath took her upstairs to read her stories, look at her magic wand and let her put on her princess dress.

Just when Stu thought his day could NOT get any better his dad announced that they could watch STAR WARS (this is a new thing for him) and between me and Cath talking inside and Marc and Neil talking outside - well they saw the whole thing and it was MIDNIGHT (WOW for a 5 year old, oh lord for a 37 year old) and then all the boys SLEPT IN STU'S ROOM. SO COOL (it was like he was talking in caps locks all weekend - the hero worship was just wonderful to watch)

Sunday we headed to the Castle at Vianden which is one of my favorites and that I hadn't thought I'd get to again before leaving Lux. It was a beautiful day and we had great company. It was hard to part ways.

I only regret that Catherine & Co only arrived a few months ago and this was the first time we managed to hang out - and now we are leaving. So we'll have to plan some European vacations in their neck of the woods (or somewhere else?? Needs a planning session ;-p)

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