Wednesday, July 18, 2007

But I do have one thing to complain about...

Please tell me if this is normal or not...

The people who are buying our house are driving me CRAZY.

They came for the first visit and were here 45 minutes. No biggie. I helped hold their 14 month old so they could look around - that's just the way I am.

They called and asked to come back the next night with an architect - again, we said yes. Marc and I took turns playing with their child while they spent 90 minutes (at dinner time, the only time the architect is free) going through the house.

Then they ask to come back with her dad and her uncle who are contractors. They will be here at 10 am. They show up at 5 to 11 (without their child luckily). I explain that I have to leave at 11:30 to get Stu at school. Apologies, they will be gone by then. I leave to get Stu at 11:30 and they are still here. I come back and try and entertain my children (instead of making them lunch because they are in the kitchen STILL) until 12:30. In the meantime they have knocked on every wall, looked behind every door, gone in every room, pulled out closets... all this before they have their mortgage confirmation. I am not sure they didn't check the contents of our drawers (though she's made it obvious now that we've signed the offer that the house decoration is substandard)

I say no more visits. But of course I only say it to myself (stupid me).

The next week they want to come with a flooring specialist (by the way they pleaded Poor to get the price down and we now find out they are dropping a ton of money into it, but that's just our stupidity, please don't tell me I am naive, I am well aware). It should take 15 minutes, 20 max. The flooring guy shows up before them and I end up showing him around for 10 minutes (he drove 120km and was on time, they drove 12km and were late). Sure enough he's gone after 15 minutes... and then they ask "Would you mind if we take some measurements for 5 minutes?" (what the #(*$&%^ were you doing last week for an hour and a half???)

So I say fine. But this time they have the kid with them. He's about to do a header down the stairs so Julia and I start to play with him (as they are ignoring him and measuring things like the distance between the windows in the TV room - it's about 15 cm - what are they thinking of putting there). Anyhow, as I am running on here let's cut to the chase - after AN HOUR of me playing with their kid I say I have to go out and run errands and get Stu. And they thank me for looking after their son because - GET THIS - HE HAS A FEVER AND COULDN"T GO TO DAYCARE SO THEY HAD TO BRING HIM WITH THEM.

Might have been nice to tell me that before he gave my daughter his GERMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I mention that the notary has not received the required docs from them they brush me off. When I ask about the bank approval I am dismissed (at this point they still have not been approved, but are traipsing though my house)

Last week they emailed wanting the plans for the house (what for? You've measured every single wall) and if we didn't have them (the house is 55 years old) they need the contact information of the people who owned it before us as they must surely have them. Excuse me???

I write back a few days later apologizing for the late reply but that my daughter had surgery (adenoids) at very short notice and we were busy, and I said we don't have them and did ask the previous owner (no need to give them her name!) and she didn't have them (I left out that she laughed).

At this point I think - okay, we just need to get through the signing. All we need to do is get through the signing and these people will go away. Or rather we will, to a different continent.

Tuesday (yesterday)- get a call. Can they come by with a contractor Thursday morning. I admit it - I lied and said I had to drive to Brussels to get my mother (that was actually today that I had to do that). When can they come then. I say - politely - that I am on my way to the follow-up for my daughter's surgery and that I don't have my calendar on hand but that I have to check because we are very booked up with appointments before we move and I will have to send an email.

This evening I get this email from the wife (I have been dealing mostly with the husband):

"Hi Tracy and Marc!

We don't want to appear to pushy, but would you mind telling us when we could see the house once again with the entrepreneurs? It shouldn't last more than 30 min. If we do it to late, we would need to postpone our entrance in the house :-(

Thanks in advance!"

I can't even write her back because I will use words that are not to be used in polite company (most of them beginning with the letter F) I can't get over her gall - I am planning an overseas move, having surgery for my child, not to mention my own reno in Canada. And they have no plans to move into this house until November! Yet if I don't get back to her in less than 24 hours (when they took weeks to get the docs to the notary!) she follows-up...?

I don't know - is this normal? When we bought the house we had two companies come in at the same time for 15 minutes each to give us quotes on work to be done. I felt so bad disturbing the previous owners and thanked them profusely.

RUDE. These people are RUDE. And I am going to be RUDE back and not answer. So there. Nahnahnahnah (not very grown up, I know.)

I want to go home. I want to go now.

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