Saturday, July 28, 2007

No time

I am writing to say that I have no time to blog. I have SO much to blog about at the moment (hopefully most of it will remain in my mind - there's some interesting stuff) but I HAVE NO TIME, dang it.

Today I participated in a multi-family garage sale (Made almost EUR100! Woohoo!) then spent the afternoon going through stuff to take to the mega recycling centre and going to the recycling centre (btw - you can seriously get picked up there if you go alone with big heavy stuff... scary)

Tomorrow morning I am driving my mother to Brussels at 5 am with the cat (my poor mother) and then I have two days to finish making some sense of our belongings for the movers who arrive Wednesday (and hopefully not go over our "allowed" amount!)

And pack for two separate vacations - Sweden and Greece (am now regretting getting rid of some of Stu's 34 pairs of undies for those of you who know about that) - the logistics of clothes for 3+ weeks is a little overwhelming (Marc's doing his own - good man!)

Oh - and there's this little thing in Ottawa called our HOME RENO that we are trying to get settled. I won't even touch that one at the moment or my head MAY actually explode.

Please don't tell me I sound stressed... I am way past stressed, can't remember what it was like and am now just running on Warp 9.7 and the reactor core is going to explode (or whatever it is that happens on Star Trek the Next Generation).

Really though I'm ok. I promise. I am starting to think I am am adrenaline junkie.

Either that or it must be the Kir Royal I have every night before dinner (it's all Jitka's fault ;-P )

Probably talk to you in September!!

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