Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The bread issue

There are two sides to this current issue of mine:

1) I miss bakeries, especially the one on Blvd Pierre Dupong that sells the best Bauernbrot (Farmer's Bread). It's a simple "pain gris" (or "grey" bread) that is dense enough to make you feel like it's worth the carbs, but no so heavy as to feel like a brick in your stomach. A lot of breads pale in comparison (at least in my comparison), either coming off tasting like styrofoam or weighing you down.

I concede that I haven't checked out the few local bakeries yet, and have not given in to all the kinds gracing the racks at Loblaw's (somehow Sundried tomato, black Olive and Rosemary all in one loaf sounds a little over the top to me.) I need to do market research, I admit it.

2) when buying what they refer to as "commercial Bakery" bread here (as in already sliced and in the bag, good for a while) - what on earth to choose!! When I was a kid there was white bread (which we all know now as BAD bread) and brown bread (which no one wanted to eat). My kids are happy eating brown bread - when it's just plain simple brown bread.

Which can be hard to find.

I was trying to buy the brand that was special of the week, 2/$4.00. All I wanted was a simple loaf of brown bread. I had the choice of Flaxseed, 12 grain, 7 grain, stone milled, honey and oats, raisin and cinnamon... and half a dozen others.

Including my favorite of the bunch "Prairie Bran".

Do they really need to specify that it is PRAIRIE bran? Are they worried I will confuse it with suburban bran, or metropolitain bran? Or possibly think it's Ghetto Bran (Marc and I had a lot of fun with that at lunch "Hey ho, here's yo bran" - poor taste I know)

Then I thought I had a found it: "WHOLE WHEAT" the bag proclaimed. Until I took it off the shelf and saw the "and soy". Whole wheat and soy.

Things being what they were (me, in grocery store which still freaks me out, and I used to shop at Cactus) and the fact that my kids love soy milk, soy pudding and I think soy is just good for you, I threw a loaf into the cart.

It passed the Stuart test for desert tonight - then again it was slathered with Nutella. Will have to see how we do tomorrow.

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