Thursday, August 02, 2007

I don't think the same way

as my movers do.

And there's a language issue that I wasn't expecting because the main gy is from Cap Vert (really nice guy btw) and has only been here 6 months and barely speaks French. And I don't speak Portuguese (I think that's what they speak in Cap Vert? I may be showing my ignorance)

We have two days of packing.

Day one - we pack all my dishes. ALL MY DISHES. And my couches and chairs and tables and ALL the kids toys and all our clothes (except some of Marc and mine).

Yet they have not touched anything in the attic or the basement (stuff we don't use daily) and I still have every single picture and mirror on the walls.

As Marc put it "So when we order in Pizza we can distract ourselves from the fact that it's burning our hands (because no dishes) by looking at our artwork?"

And everything is labeled in what looks like a combination of Portuguese/French. Should be a lot of fun for the English unpackers in Ottawa. I went around relabeling things at midnight because they decided that my tv room (adjacent to the kitchen) was really the kitchen so the TV room couch is labeled kitchen. Yup.

Sorry, needed to kvetch a bit. I think they are taking my computer away any moment now and I am not sure why because they still need to do an inventory of our cave a vin (doesn't that sound posh?? it's really just shelves in the cold part of our basement - but thanks to recent gifts there are about 80 bottles of wine - nothing to a European btw).

And of course yesterday was beautiful and sunny and today is POURING and Julia's playhouse is out there getting SOAKED but they just said I would have to clean it off. Not to mention our teak patio furniture that is out there getting soaked - if they had wrapped and put it downstairs yesterday we wouldn't have it arriving in a possible mouldy state in Canada. I am wondering of we should just ditch it...

And now I am just rambling and rambling because they haven't taken the computer away yet, but I am sure you all have better things to do so I will go and be miserable in my corner of the main bathroom that I am hiding out in.

Actually I have to go and pick up pictures from Marc's office that he forgot to bring home and switch cars because someone might finally be buying our car and needs to test drive it this aft.

On Saturday we leave for Sweden!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!

Our suitcases for Greece are on their way to Andy & Liz's where we will stay for the two nights between!! YEAH!

My mum and step-dad are picking us up when we arrive in Montreal and taking me to Cote St-Luc BBQ (BEST BBQ chicken, yum yum) the day we arrive and driving us to Ottawa the next day - YEAH!

My in-laws arrive the Sunday to help with the kids and unpacking for 3 days after that - YEAH!!

Trying to focus on the positive... can I focus today? Not sure today.

OH NO! Marc forgot Nemo the goldfish this morning to take to a friend's aquarium!! I had better go and take him NOW!!!!

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