Thursday, June 18, 2009

just because I got this far without my head exploding

So - it's been one of those weeks.

2 sick kids. Had to pack them into the car on Monday to head to Montreal (after driving back from Montreal the day before - lovely weekend en famille in a hotel thank you very much) to see my grandfather in the hospital. Where he'd been rushed. And he has decided that he is dying. Which at 92 isn't shocking except for the fact that he has always sworn up and down that he would live to be 105. And he is stubborn enough to do it (tough old Dutchman!). So that he is saying he's done? Yeah, disturbing. I did have a lovely visit with him though in case this is it, and I am thankful for that.

In Stu's class today I had the longest talk with his teacher. Who dropped the "You need to insist they test him next year, I think he's gifted" bomb on me. Huh? She even admitted that because he has such strong support at home (nice pat on the back for me) and she has had such a difficult class this year that he hasn't had enough attention from her.

So now - is Alternative going to be the best thing for him? Or not? And while I should wait until Marc gets home from Toronto to decide if we will pay the money to have him tested privately ($1900 thank you very much) I tried to go about making an appointment. Some doctors are taking appointments for NEXT APRIL.

Welcome to Canada people. We have a terrible medical system, thanks very much for asking. WTF good is 10 months from now going to do me making my decision right now?

And yes, I am talking VERY fast in my head and I AM overcaffeinated.


Catherine said...

I have a name of someone in Kingston... I believe you need a referral from your family dr (or pediatrician) and some of the costs can be covered by insurance (check your policy - this is where the referral from your dr comes in.)

Can this teacher at least give you something in writing (even if it's on his report card) about her recommendation?

Tricia said...

My goodness, this just keeps getting more complicated. Your mind must be spinning, even without caffeine. I'm very interested to see how this all works out for you guys.

Much peace to your grandfather!