Monday, June 11, 2007

Newsletter from the House of Ill Health

Thank you for checking in on your favorite sick family the Booger-Snots.

Last week brought gastroenteritis into our home - starting with Julia, who had a mild case. By Wednesday Marc had a full blown case and stayed home from work for two days without any prodding from his nagging wife. Friday Stuart started - but also a mild case and seemed to be pretty much back on his feet (or at least he was on his feet and running roughshod through the house playing) by Saturday afternoon.

Ah, but fall not into the trap of thinking we were done - do not make my mistake.

Stuart had a birthday party to attend yesterday afternoon. A birthday party that he spent glued to my leg and cranky. Marc and Julia came to get us and she was cranky and screaming.

By 8 pm Stuart had a fever of 39.6 degrees. By 10:30 Julia was up at 40.0 degrees. They are still feverish this morning and staying home.

And if you thought that by any chance we were getting any sleep in there - NO! My allergies are worse than ever and I was up most of the night sneezing or honking the horn that used to be my nose. Just started to drift off at 5:30 when Stu got up.

There needs to be some law of nature that ensures sick kids act sick - that they are subdued, sleep a lot, willing drink lots of liquids and in general are QUIETER THAN NORMAL. My two are up there battling as I type.

10 hours till bed - two visits with moving companies to get estimates, one viewing of the house, on our way in a few minutes to pick up the cat at the vet... gotta love a challenge!

P.S. - anyone want advance notification if I list them on eBay?


Arian Hopkins said...

oh - ebay huh? I was just gonna ask you your address so I could fedex mine to you...hmmm. that's a bit of a predicament. AWKWARD.


lapoflux said...

Maybe we can SWAP for a few days? You know how they are always better behaved with someone else???