Friday, June 22, 2007

But you see... it's a different COUNTRY

Marc left this morning for 4 days of golf. Today on a course that (if I am not mistaken) some holes in France, some in Luxembourg and some in Germany.

From there he will head to Baden-Baden Germany for the "Canada Cup" with the boys - I feel bad for them that there is rain in the forecast.

And I am not thrilled about said rain for me and the kids either - weekends can be pretty long when it pours all day and as tomorrow is the National Holiday we are talking about 2 days when everything is CLOSED.

Which might not be such an issue if the festivities for said holiday were not going to be waterlogged.

So, I hit weather underground to see where we could go for the day tomorrow... Brugges? Raining. Nancy FR? Raining. Maastricht? Raining. Cologne? RAINING.

Then I realized - subconsciously I somehow hope that places will have different weather because I am crossing a the border. Yeah, not so logical.

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