Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Hockeymom...

Happy Canada Day everyone!!

There was a great Canada Day party organized here in Luxembourg, up at a campground near Larochette. Great location, beautiful weather, barbeques, swimming pool, bouncy castle - what more could you ask for.

It was great to get together with other Canadians, drink a bit of Canadian beer (though sadly no BLUE)... even sing along to a bit of Anne Murray (I KNOW - but when you haven't heard it in a while and it's playing softly in the background, you'd probably find yourself singing along too!). And we sang Oh Canada in French and English (though not the "hockey" version which we are all most familiar with mixing French and English) and generally felt proud to be flying a big Canadian Flag.

But the best thing might have been the expression on the face of the guy wearing the "My Hockeymom can kick your footballmom's ***" - so happy to finally be among people who thought the shirt was cool - and actually got it!

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