Saturday, July 15, 2006


Yesterday was Stuart's last day of school - a lovely sunny summer day, the teacher invited us to a small party at the end of the day in the courtyard playground behind the school where we ate cake and sipped champagne (Luxmebourgish champagne - otherwise known as cremant).

I can't for the life of me understand how the last 10 months have gone by so quickly... this time 10 months ago we were full of angst. Would he be ok going to school? Would he make friends? Would he be able to speak Luxembourgish? Would he like his teacher? With all the schooling options here (Luxembourgish system, European School, International School, French School, Waldorf School... to name only the most common) were we making the right choice?

Well the answer to all of those questions turned out to be a resounding yes - he is heartbroken that the school year has come to an end and seems to think we are punishing him with summer holidays. He just can't understand why he can't go back on Monday morning. He wants to see Joffer Martine he insists (Joffer is teacher - at least female teacher- in Luxembourgish)

Looking around the school yard - cremant in hand ;-) - Marc and I watched him tear about, completely at home in his environment (more so than in our local park even!) playing with his friends and shouting out in Luxembourgish that bears no trace of an accent (unlike his mother's!!) We watched him hug his Joffer and had to drag him home.

Our little boy did better than we ever hoped for and we are so proud of him!

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