Wednesday, March 25, 2009


so I've been having quite a week... the kind that would make a good old fashioned Country & Western song. You know what I mean, one of those ones where the dog dies and the pickup gets stolen?

I've been toying with putting it all down since Monday... luckily I managed to get Kenny Rogers moaning "you picked a fine time t leave me, Luuuuciiiiille..." out of my head.

Mine would go like this:

there's a mouse in the attic,
my man's gone on a plane
setting the traps, caught my finger,
oh woe, the pain...

blue cross cancelled our insurance,
claiming we'd lied*
Monday morning
made me want to hide

a note from health services
faxed and sent home
the boy could be suspended if
I don't call them on the phone**

and then there's the tale
of bullying at school
"you'll be bleeding and crying"
from the class's biggest fool***

Tuesday morning brought time
in Julia's class
her teacher's voice
could shatter glass

the kitchen ceiling of the rental
has fallen in
from leaking in the bathroom
buzzing in my brain, makes quite a din

girl has a fever,
it's "that" time of the month
could drink a bottle of wine,
but then undoubtedly someone would hurt themselves and I would be arrested from drunk driving on the way to the hospital...

Okay I lost it at the end there... needs a bit of work, I agree, but maybe it'll make me my first million...

* we did not lie. DID NOT.

**apparently immunizations from Luxembourg do not correspond to Ontario ones. They've had his record for almost 2 years, why the sudden rush (1st notification) to get him up-to-date or suspend him...??? But I've spoken to them, it's in hand.

***holy f*** this is a whole post in and of itself... I get bonus points for not taking the trash-talking, class-disrupting, shitty attitude little f*** out when I went to school to discuss the issue... even when he rolled his eyes at me and accused my son of LYING...

Marc just called from the airport and is through security waiting to board... no delayed flight yet!!


Tricia said...

Great little ditty.

Wow! What a week of dealing with craziness imposed by other people. I hope this week is much better.

I despise bullying and would love to know more about what's going on.

Kimberly said...


And I thought I had a rough week!


I'm slowly catching up on my blog reading. By God, I hope things are better by now.

They are, right? Please say yes. :)