Thursday, August 14, 2008

standard issue king size beds

They need to start giving out King sized beds to anyone with a child. Okay, maybe to anyone with more than one child.

This morning Stu arrived in our bed at 4 something. Julia followed at 5:50. When the cat showed up too Marc escaped (with a huff and a puff) to Stu's room. It was actually an improvement on the last couple of nights.

I love them all. I understand their need for reassurance this week. But I need to get more than 3 hours sleep without someone on me, nudging me, or not being able to move my limbs in my bed. Ditto on the 5:40 am proclamations of "Mama!!! I have a joke for you!!!"

(the non exhausted cranky part of me - who is pretty small right now... hello? non cranky part? You in there? - feels pretty special that they all think I can make things better when I feel like my head is going to explode.)

I need a Timmy's run. They need to start delivering. Or hooking up an IV to my bedroom.

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