Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why some species eat their young

I really do understand it at the moment.

Things are usually a little hairy towards the end of one of Marc's trips, but today has taken the proverbial cake (damn, I could use some cake!!) I am at the end of a rather long illness and while I think there is now a chance I won't die, I am feeling pretty weak and drained.

On this lovely day, I had to take the kids to Belgium to a doctor recommended by a colleague of Marc's. Seeing how sick the kids have been I am ready to try anything, including a 55km drive to a remote town in Belgium to see a doctor who does homeopathy (not allowed in Luxembourg, we're in a Catholic nation that still sees alternative medecine as black magic).

Good news is that we get there. How I am not sure, as I had Marc's GPS, but it kept telling me to go a different way every few feet. "Turn left in 800m". I drive 200m and it says "recalculating" as if I've missed the turn. Anyhow to wrap that up I went the way the signs said and found it. Phew.

Next the appointment. Stu suddenly doesn't speak any French. Hmmmm (she spoke no English) and had to have everything translated (take off your shirt. sit down, breathe - all things he has been doing for his pediatrician in french for 5 years). Then he proceeds to ricochet cars off her office walls and drive them into private parts of the office (remember, this is Belgium. it was just curtained off).

Things only got better when he announces in the middle of Julia's exam that he needs to go pee. NOW. NO, he can't wait. So I run with him to the bathroom. He is more interested in the decor than in emptying his bladder. Julia starts to scream because her mother has left her alone with some strange woman she doesn't know who is poking at her. Understandable.

Downhill from there. Julia won't give up the hollering. Reaches decibels I've never heard before. Doctor tells me they are crocodile tears and that's why she's not paying attention. I agree but say I want to hear what she's saying so I am trying to calm the child (who's performance was worthy of an Oscar). Get nowhere. Doctor raises her voice and tells Julia to stop or go in the corner (she was trying to shock her into silence). Result? Julia starts to scream "Me no like Doctor, me no like Doctor, me no like Doctor" at the absolute top of her lungs. I think I am now deaf in my right ear.

After being assured that she is sure that Luxembourgish pharmacies can order me what I need, I head to one of our local ones, more known to be sympathetic to alternative medecine. The woman was very friendly but it took us 1 HOUR to get out of there and EUR 150 and I still don't have everything I need.

At dinner my beautiful daughter picks up her glass of water and grins at me. "No Julia!" I say in a stern voice (wondering why I bother) as she nods uh-huh!! and pours the entire glass over the dining room table. I put her on the naughty step where she reaches new decibles yet again because - gasp - SHE'S WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and it seems to be MY fault??)

And apparently in all of this I have been neglectful of Stu because he has just gone and written with a pen on my bed sheets.

And now they are both up there refusing to go to bed. I am going to go growl at them. It won't work, but it will help me let off some steam!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi sweets! Thank you so much for the well wishes you posted on my site, and the great baby naming tips! - you're adorable!! due july 21st and so far at four months i'm just starting to show a bit. Can't wait to have a bump to show it off!! ; ) We hope to find out the sex of the baby at our next ultra sound next month. Will keep you posted. Hope all is well with you and the family. Hugs to all,