Wednesday, October 18, 2006

over due update

I haven't felt much like writing lately - probably because we've been going about Warp 8 for the last few months. (Until the end of last week when I got to slow down and rather predictably got horribly sick... I am at home on doctor's orders not to talk...? something to do with my vocal chords being inflamed)

ANYHOW! What has been going on with us... Stuart started his new school - first real year of school called Spillschoul (literal translation Spill - to play, Schoul - school). After a not so auspicious start he has decided that it's probably ok. The first two weeks were a nightmare of hysterics every morning and being up every night but it seems to be getting better and he likes Joffer Dani (Joffer means young woman, but it's what they call all female teachers). I wasn't so sure for a few weeks -they have up a red and green board in the classroom for the kids who are behaving and those who aren't. Before you ask if Stu was on the red board, I had an issue with labelling them as "good" or "bad" so young. After a meet the teacher night where she spent an hour with the Lux parents and then an hour with the French speaking ones I felt much better... and by that time Stu was off the red :-)

Then today when I went to get him at the daycare (Julia was home sick with me) he didn't want to leave because it was someone's birthday and they were about to have cake... so he wanted to STAY. I had to go back for him. And the other day he wanted to go to Little Gym...Maybe things are changing!!!

Marc had a busy September travelling being in 3 countries in 2 weeks, but all went well and fingers crossed he won't have to travel much more before Christmas. He is currently acting as Programme Manager because his boss got promoted... a huge honor for him.

Julia is well... well she's sick, but other than that well... both kids have been going to Little Gym and Julia is a real little acrobat. This week we had to move her up to an older class (she is now in one for 30-36 months) because she was so much older than the other little ones in the group she was in (it was from 18-30 months, but most of them were around the 21 or 22 month mark). She's having a blast going... not always listening, but loves hanging and catching the bubbles at the end!! At nearly 2 1/2 she is getting rather head strong... she's like the little girl with the curl on her forehead - when she's good she's really really good but when she's bad - ooof!! Good set of lungs on the girl. We've tried instituting The Naughty Step (after watching an episode of the SuperNanny - Brit version) but... well you're not supposed to crazy glue them to it are you?

And a new (and slightly disturbing?) tendency - which is pretty funny.... she likes to take her clothes off. Waiting for Stu at Little Gym yesterday she took off her pants and refused to put them back on. Then today I went to the bathroom and when I came out she was stark naked!!! And quite pleased with herself!!

I am heading to Montreal for 6 days on Sunday - got a cheap end of season AirTransat ticket from Brussels. It's been nearly 2 years since we've been home and given all that's happened I felt the need to get home for a few days. Looking forward to seeing my family and the friends who are close enough, bagels, real drugstores, ENGLISH BOOKSTORES, Cote St-Luc BBQ chicken, Starbucks... just being home :-)

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