Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nothing more Canadian than a log cabin

Our 22 month old daughter is just learning to talk and it is amazing to see her put thoughts together, although in short bursts - "Stu's room - NOW!" is a good example. While visiting a local shopping centre, Julia became fascinated with a plastic wooden house. If that does not make any sense to you, then check a kid's store or catalogue for those castles or homes with the outrageous prices - 300 plus EURO in our case. She kept saying, "HOUSE ME!" "Me house!" and so on and so on. It was really hard to get her to leave.

Thinking this would be a one time experience was foolish on our part, as she kept repeating the same phrases all day and I mean ALL DAY. In fact, she would put her coat on and try to open the front door. We live on a pretty busy street and had to deadbolt the door. This went on for days. Tracy sent an e-mail to American Women's Club to see if anyone would be selling a house secondhand to help us out of our misery - but to no avail. But good fortune did smile on us as one was advertised in the English community magazine at a reasonable price. Both parents did a full court press to try and secure salvation.

We were successful. However, Marc took the directions to a tiny village in Belgium - groan now. Yes, it was raining and yes, we got lost. No surprise there...

Upon arrival, we met a lovely British couple who with their 3 children just moved to the area. This log cabin was much bigger than expected and did not fit in the station wagon. Curse Italian cars! Really, why have a station wagon if nothing fits in it? Fortunately, we thought to try their Volvo on the off chance it could fit. Well, of course it did - bonus points for getting a Volvo to replace the lazy Lancia. The previous owner offered to drive the log cabin to our house in Luxembourg - huge, as it about 40 km and Saturday traffic.

Got the cabin home and upstairs to the patio - powerwashed it, while the sun was out, as we have not had sun for about 8 days. Tracy and I tried brute strength to join 2 walls together - no luck. All to the singing of "House me, me house, house now..." God bless the rubber mallet! With quite a bit of pounding, in about 20 minutes there was a very happy little girl, who kept singing "House me, house me!" Her birthday present arrived early, but her parents couldn't wait to make her happy (and save themselves).

And now it is even easier to spot the European-ey Canadians in Luxembourg, as we are the ones with a log cabin on the back patio.

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