Saturday, September 12, 2009

what do I say to that?

I just had the following conversation with my seven year-old son (who is going on eight in a few months):

Him : Phew, that was easier than I expected.

Me : What?

Him : Dealing with Julia. (sounding like he is more like 7 going on 38).

Me : Oh... okay... Um, Stu, thanks for telling Julia that you were down here, but you know it's Mama's job to deal with Julia right? I'm the grown-up.

Him : Well yeah...

Me : Stu - do you feel like you have to act more grown-up when Dad's away?

Him : (non-committal noise)

Me: Stu? You don't have to be a grown-up you know. I appreciate when you help me with things and try to get along with Julia, but you don't have be a grown-up.

Him : Yeah, I know... it's just that... when Dad's away and Nana's not here I feel like I am the Dad replacement. You know, so I have to act like an adult.


I explained that he doesn't have to but I am not sure he believes me. I gave him a really good answer about being a kid and that Mama was the adult etc etc etc... and he kind went "uh-huh..."

Then again, he just tattled on her. Sigh. The bickering is what I would LOVE to have them stop.


Kimberly said...

Oh ouch indeed! I'm sorry, hun. But great job identifying the problem. That took some good mommy-ing, that did.

Mrs. G. said...

He's your little man.

The bickering might last for a while...I'm not going to crush your spirit and tell you how long. I will tell you that my two bickerers are showing signs of being really good friends now. They talk about me behind my back, not always in a bad way...I think that's a good sign. They also have their own code words.

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